Comparisons of the same Makes and Models consisting of Stock Vehicles, Hybrids and Vehicles with KIYLEX THROTTLE BODY SPACERS Installed.

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2016 Acura TLX
"I love my 2016 Acura TLX. My average fuel mileage was 24 miles per gallon. My kids told me I should try Kiylex to increase my fuel mileage. After 2 months of driving and calculating my fuel mileage I was shocked that I actually gained 14 miles per gallon! It is true what KTN says “the true power of Kiylex." - Lorene Burton
2014 Honda Civic
"I own a 2014 Honda Civic. I averaged 28 miles per gallon. I was very skeptical of this Kiylex stuff; I filled my gas tank up 3 times, kept my reciepts and wrote down my mileage from my odometer. I could not believe by new average is 42 MILES PER GALLON." - Don Thaxton
2006 Acura RL
"My 2006 Acura RL got about 22 miles per gallon. What I gained is well worth the $130 I spent on it! I would have paid more. I went from 22 miles per gallon to 31 miles per gallon.” - Fred Arden
2004 Subaru WRX
"I bought a KTN throttle body spacer for my Subaru WRX I got 28 MPG. I was looking for more fuel mileage and some power. Being the skeptic, I am, I bought one to “try it”. After it was installed I started manually tracking my fuel mileage. After a few weeks of driving my fuel mileage did increase to 37 MPG and my car felt like it was brand new again. An 8 gallon increase I cannot believe the difference this tiny part makes. I tell everyone they need to get Kiylex." - Casey Muse
Total Fuel Costs Comparison Chart (Testimonial Charts)
This chart was structured to show the comparison in Total Costs of Ownership in a 5-year timeline between a Stock Vehicle, a Stock Vehicle with KIYLEX using numbers we’ve projected, and the Stock Vehicle with a KIYLEX THROTTLE BODY SPACER using the real numbers from a testimonial. The gray represents the total fuel costs for the Original Vehicle, the light blue represents the projected fuel costs for the Original Vehicle with KIYLEX , the darker blue represents the actual numbers for the Original Vehicle with KIYLEX , while the green represents the savings.

Testimonial Chart Explanaitons
· Total Fuel Costs: Total cost of fuel used to travel with regular Stop & Go and Freeway Driving.
· Mileage Gain: Gain of mileage compared to vehicle without the KIYLEX spacer is deducted
· Fuel Cost Savings: Amount saved after average cost of a KIYLEX spacer is deducted
· Total Net Savings: Amount saved after average cost of a KIYLEX spacer is deducted.
· Savings in Percentages: Percentages of money saved with a KIYLEX spacer compared to without a KIYLEX spacer.
Indicates that the closest gas-powered or hybrid version was chosen due to the unavailable exact counterpart.
*Participants have not been paid for testimonials, exact results are not Guaranteed, indiviudal results may vary.
*See Testimonial Charts in Disclaimer section.
*Expected results are Projections, individual results may vary.
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