KTN products are Guaranteed to perform by extracting heat time and time again with KIYLEX AUTO PARTS.
Simply put, by extracting the Heat from the Intake Manifold, we can
GUARANTEE lower air temperature in the Intake Manifold due to the
Technology of KIYLEX that pulls heat out of the intaake system enabling
the engien to get thicker, denser air into the cylinders, causing the
Oxygen Sensors to signal the use of Less FUEL, resulting in an Increase of

Altogether the use of KIYLEX enables your vehicle to achieve a
Maximum efficient burn of Air and Fuel in the cylinders resulting in an
additional average and boost of Horsepower and Torque. Over time
this is adjusted automatically by your Engine Control Module or ECM,
the computer system that acts as the “Brain” of the vehicle.

All KTN Thermodynamic products come with a 90 DAY Satisfaction (MONEY BACK) GUARANTEE. We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of all our products. Because of this, we are proud to offer you a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied with the performance of our products. Simply visit our “Contact Us” page and choose “returns” from the drop-down menu, and a shipping label will be sent to your address on file so you can return the product for a full refund. If you are past your 90 days, we additionally offer a 30 Day webstore credit. KTN THERMODYNAMICS GUARANTEE applies to purchases made from either KTN THERMODYNAMICS or Authorized Retailers of KTN Thermodynamics. KTN Thermodynamics products come standard with a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee outlined below. All KTN Thermodynamics products include a warranty card and certification of guarantee that is used to register the products on our website. If your KTN product did not come with a warranty card or certification of guarantee, it may be likely that you’ve purchased a counterfeit product from a non-authorized distributor. In this case, contact us immediately at customerservice@ktnthermo.com so we can help you get a certified KTN product.

KTN Thermodynamics guarantees that the product will perform at its ultimate cooling efficiency. However, certain things are not guaranteed and are written below in our outline.

KTN offers a 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE or 120-day webstore credit if you are past your 90 days.

1. KTN Guarantees that our products will eliminate heat by up to 15%. a. If your engine is running at its best, we will stand behind our guarantee. b. For fuel mileage tracking, customers must log their fuel mileage manually before installing our product or products. Furthermore, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to document their fuel mileage after product installation. Utilizing the vehicles built-in fuel mileage counter is not accurate and will void this guarantee. Fuel Mileage Calculations are available on our website located here: www.ktnthermo.com/whatsmyfuelmileage

2. KTN products are California Air Research Board compliant and are sent to SEMA Garage for 50 State Legal testing. Our certification number is D-777. 3. KTN guarantees that all products sold will seal without requiring gaskets. *Turbochargers are exempt from this coverage. See details below* 4. KTN guarantees increases in Horsepower, Torque, and Fuel Mileage as long as the vehicle is free from mechanical defects and is not in engine management limp mode. (check engine light)

1. Vehicles that have a check engine light prior to product installation as check engine lights signify there is a problem with the functionality of the engine. As such, engines are usually, but not always, set in a default “limp mode,” meaning the engine management system has found something faulty. This will limit the engine’s effectiveness of preventing catastrophic damage to the engine system. The “limp mode” will use more fuel than normal in order to keep the engine from running too lean and blowing up, causing connecting rods to bend, amongst other catastrophic things. 2. Turbochargers are required to use an “o-ring” to properly seal the housing to the turbo charger. As such, even though our products are guaranteed to seal, a turbocharger is a high-pressure system with the internal parts spinning upwards to 20,000 + RPM. Therefore, as a safety precaution, it is required for turbochargers to use the supplied O-ring. 3. Any product found tampered with will not be given a 90 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to find appropriate torque specs for all products being installed. KTN Thermodynamics is not responsible for any mis-threaded, cross threaded, or pulled threads from any mounting point or nut that is removed and reinstalled to correctly perform the installation of our products. We have installation videos and help guides in our forum that you can look at to help install our products safely and effectively. If you are unsure of your abilities, please seek out a professional automotive repair technician to install your product properly.

KTN Thermodynamics products do not blow engines. Instead, our products lower overall air temperatures. It is the purchaser's responsibility to look for lean conditions for performance vehicles running stand-alone engine management such as Haltech, AEM, Hondata, etc before the vehicle is driven hard or raced outside your state's laws and speed limits. It has been determined that vehicles utilizing aftermarket oxygen sensors need to be manually adjusted as OEM wide band oxygen sensors will automatically make the fuel trim adjustments. Also, the engines control module will adjust the timing and ignition accordingly to the gains our products give the engine. It is your responsibility to find a competent tuner that is accredited. Street tuning is not a complete tune. In conclusion, remember to be safe and responsible in your vehicle.

KTN will make NO unsubstantiated claims and will always strive to “under-promise and over-deliver”.

KTN is an honest company with honest products that really work and live up to the claims.
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