ther· mo· dy· nam· ics
ˌTHərmōdīˈnamiks/ noun: the branch of physical science that deals with the relations between heat and other forms of energy (such as mechanical, electrical, or chemical energy), and, by extension, of the relationships between all forms of energy.
Heat Soak: the heat generated by the internal combustion engine that radiates through all parts that are connected to the engine; occurs when temperatures build up in an engine compartment, causing heat sensitive components to begin experiencing problems.

In Realizing that heat is one of the single most significant issues affecting automotive performance.

The Idea came, to find a way in lowering Intake temperatures we could increase Performance.

Many people use Throttle Body Spacers in an attempt to achieve greater efficiency. However, at that time the current market only had Aluminum, and Phenolic material parts, which we found out by testing did not reduce heat.

Then the deflated feeling of being disappointed and knowing that some of these large well-respected companies were not telling in the truth, and their products were not living up to their claims. You know how that is. Who in their right mind wants to be on the receiving end of that? That certainly does NOT sit well with us in any business. It’s always better to be REAL with people.

There was the mention about possibilities with polymers, so we checked out all kinds of polymers until it hit like a brick:
stop wasting money on useless polymers that didn’t work.
Then the thought came...
What if we make a new Material?
Which proves in life, some of the most significant breakthroughs come after DISAPPOINTMENTS and DEAD ENDS because there has got to be a BETTER WAY.
That thought was the start of KIYLEX.
Taking to the books, charts and chemical makeups, and testing different elements learning what melts together correctly, at what temperature and what rejects what. There was a tremendous amount of sourcing of various trial polymers, recording of temperatures and data.
After a relentless pursuit, we finally resulted in the invention of a unique heat-dissipating polymer proving our hypothesis correct that lowering intake temperature did increase Performance.
You could look back at that time and consider all this to be a crazed ideology of removing heat from the intake manifold. What we ended up with had such a long chemical composition name that the foundry guys just started calling it KIYLEX because our Chief Engineer who had the Idea and followed it through to completion name is Kyle, so KIYLEX® stuck.


Our train of thought is straightforward.
We are committed to developing innovative solutions for vehicles of any Make and Model with the Technology of KIYLEX.

Looking to make an impact, with each new product we bring to the table with everything we’ve learned while gaining new insight that may better our process even more for the future.

We treat our process like Our products: we’re continually innovating on it using the same framework and methods we use to Manufacture Auto parts build Customer relationships.

When you do Business with KTN, you get the benefit of years of work and many Auto parts which have all contributed to the development and refined precision of our Method & Approach.

Founded on providing customers with innovative aftermarket automotive performance products.

We know our products work and stand behind them. Resulting in the reason why we have a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY* and a 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on ALL our AUTO PARTS.

We are not following the competition.

We’re stepping forward in the Industry with our Technology.

What sits well with us is knowing that when you buy from us, we will replace what you purchased if needed, for as long as you own your vehicle.

KIYLEX AUTO PARTS are Premium Products at an affordable cost.
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